Travel advice


You can find detailed information regarding the accessibility of the congress venue, on the website of the Cape Town International Convention Center.

General information

South Africa is home to a multi-cultural melting pot of 55 million people of diverse origins, languages, cultures, and religions. Although English is widely spoken and is used for informational signage, South Africa celebrates diversity in language with a total of 11 official languages.


The rand is the South Africa currency. It takes its name from the Witwatersrand – the ridge on which Johannesburg is built and where most of South Africa’s gold deposits were found.

It is divided into 100 cents and there are five denominations of banknotes in circulation: R10, R20, R50, R100, and R200.

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In South Africa, the standard voltage is 230 volts and the frequency is 50 Hz. The power plugs and sockets are of type M and C.

Getting around in Cape Town

Ride hailing, min bus taxi, or bus – there are many ways to get around Cape Town >>

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Tipping / gratuity

In restaurants, typically 10% but 15% is always welcome. Check to make sure that the establishment has not included a gratuity.

Safety and security

”Cape Town is a major, modern cosmopolitan South African city. As such, we would advise travellers to exercise the same level of vigilance they would exercise when visiting any major city in the world.

This includes ensuring you follow basic safety tips such as keeping emergency numbers on hand, avoiding carrying large sums of cash, and keeping your valuables safe at all times. For the overwhelming majority of the 1,7 million foreign visitors to the Western Cape in 2018, a visit to Cape Town and the Western Cape was a positive, memorable experience.

The destination is frequently cited as among the world’s best holiday destinations and has a high return visitor rate, proving that those who visit our destination once, fall in love with it, and want to discover it again.” – Cape Town Tourism

Please visit South African Tourism for more information on geography, weather, facilities, and infrastructure, and more.