PSMO-08 - Digital health biomarkers: Revolutionising screening, illness follow-up and medication monitoring for enhanced efficacy and safety 

Organised by The FIP Technology Advisory Group in collaboration with the FIP Community Pharmacy Section and the FIP Hospital Pharmacy Section


Mr Jaime Acosta Gomez, co-chair FIP Technology Advisory Group, Spain


This session will appeal to a wide array of stakeholders within the pharmacy field. Pharmacists are interested in learning how digital health biomarkers can streamline medication management, facilitate screening, and follow up of illnesses, and improve patient outcomes. Pharmaceutical industry professionals can find these biomarkers useful for pharmacovigilance. Educators and researchers are keen on understanding the educational and research implications of this technology. Regulatory authorities aim to stay informed about the regulatory considerations surrounding digital health biomarkers. Healthcare technology providers are interested in integrating these biomarkers into their systems to support pharmacy workflows and development of technology.

Pharmacy students seek exposure to emerging trends shaping their future practice. Associations and organisations are invested in promoting the adoption of digital health biomarkers within pharmacy to advance professionally and lead change in their home countries. The ethics, evidence and regulatory considerations surrounding digital health biomarkers involve issues such as data privacy, patient consent, accuracy, access to data by pharmacists and adherence to regulatory standards. These aspects will also be covered during the session.




14:30 – 14:05 Introduction by the chair
14:05 – 14:30

Use of biomarkers for screening and follow up of illnesses
Dr Claudia Rijcken, Pharmi, Netherlands

14:30 — 14:55

Ethical and regulatory issues about the use of biomarkers. What the future might bring
Prof. Betty Chaar, University of Sydney, Australia

14:55 – 15:25 Panel discussion
15:25 – 15:30 Closing

Learning objectives

  • • To understand how use of digital health biomarkers will revolutionise diagnostics and follow up of communicable and non-communicable diseases.
    • To understand ethical considerations in biomarker implementation and navigating regulatory frameworks.
    • To understand how the use of these biomarkers can benefit patients and pharmacy practice.


The revolutionary impact of AI-driven analyses of ocular images, vocal patterns and other biomarkers in early disease detection must be recognised. Emphasising ethical awareness, the imperative to safeguard patient privacy, secure informed consent, and navigate evolving regulatory landscapes underscores our collective responsibility in deploying these technologies responsibly. The pharmacy profession must look ahead, anticipate future trends, and recognise the evolving nature of biomarker technology and related ethical challenges. In embracing these insights, we pave the way for a healthcare landscape where innovation, ethical considerations and regulatory adherence harmoniously converge to enhance patient outcomes and well-being.