PSWE-07 - Digital technologies for non-communicable diseases (NCD) prevention and control

Ballroom East
Organised by The FIP Technology Advisory Group in collaboration with the FIP Early Career Pharmaceutical Group and the FIP FIP Hospital Pharmacy Section


Dr Charlotte Rossing, ExCo member FIP SIG Pharmacy Practice Research, Denmark and Mrs Ntombizodwa Luwaca, acting president ECPG, Nigeria


Digital health technologies are solutions that use digital advancements to improve healthcare delivery and address non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Although digital technologies have been used in health care for decades, recent advances in network connectivity, cloud computing, the internet of things and artificial intelligence have dramatically increased their potential efficacy and scalability. This session will outline how digital technologies can strengthen healthcare delivery for NCDs in the pharmacy setting by improving access, reducing inefficiencies, improving quality of care, lowering costs, empowering patients and providing personalised care. It will also discuss the role of digital technologies in improving health promotion and literacy.  



13:30 – 13:35 Introduction by the chairs
13:35 – 14:05

NCDs 2030 – accelerating change through innovation: The pharmacists role
Dr Elina Urli Hodges, Duke Global Health Innovation Center, United States

14:05 – 14:35 Promoting innovation in East Africa: The digital REACH initiative for fighting NCDs
Dr Fabian Mashauri, East African Health Research Commission (EAHRC), Tanzania
14:35 – 14:55 Panel discussion
14:55 – 15:00 Closing

Learning objectives

  • To identify how technology is a tool in the fight against NCDs.
  • To understand how NCDs is part of the sustainability perspective.
  • To specify how pharmacy can use technology in the fight against and management of NCDs. 


  • Identify the building blocks that can help countries realise the promise of digital health and transform access to appropriate, effective non-communicable disease (NCD) care with support from pharmacy.
  • Outline pharmacy’s role in the fight against NCDs.
  • Explore how pharmacy can use digital health technologies to enhance healthcare delivery and improve outcomes of NCD treatment.