PSTU-03 - Unveiling best practices for implementing Basel Statements and maintaining high-quality hospital pharmacy practice in Africa

Ballroom West
Organised by the FIP Hospital Pharmacy Section


Dr Stephen Eckel, Chair of the Basel Statement Promotion Committee of the FIP Hospital Pharmacy Section, United States


The FIP Hospital Pharmacy Section Basel Statement Promotion Committee will continue to highlight how hospital pharmacy organisations and hospitals in the World Health Organization African Region utilise the Basel Statements to maintain their best practice standards and high-quality hospital pharmacy practice, respectively. In harmony with the overarching themes of the FIP world congress, emphasising innovation, equitable quality health care, innovative drug discovery and access and the integration of AI in revolutionising health care, this session aspires to enable participants to explore real-world applications and share diverse experiences in implementing Basel Statements in South Africa and Tanzania.



11:00 – 11:15 Introduction by the chair
11:05 – 11:35

Use of the Basel Statements in South Africa
Mr Nhlanhla G. Mafarafara, South Africa Association of Hospital and Institutional Pharmacists, South Africa

11:35 – 12:00 Implementation of the Basel Statements at a Tanzanian hospital
Dr Mujahid Valji, ExCo Member FIP Hospital Pharmacy Section, Tanzania
12:05 – 12:25 Panel discussion: Using the Basel Statements throughout Africa
12:25– 12:30 Closing

Learning objectives

  • To identify real-world applications of the FIP Basel Statements by examining how the South Africa Association of Hospital and Institutional Pharmacists uses them to inform their best practice. 
  • To describe practical implementation methodologies employed by a Tanzanian hospital in integrating the Basel Statements, highlighting challenges faced, successful strategies and lessons learned. 
  • To explain aligning local best practices in South Africa and Tanzania with the Basel Statement impacts the ability to implement high-quality, equitable hospital pharmacy practices. 


  • It is important to gain insights into practical methodologies for implementing Basel Statements in hospitals, which include navigating challenges and employing successful strategies to enhance one’s own implementation processes.
  • The alignment of local best practices with the Basel Statements significantly influences the implementation of high-quality, equitable hospital pharmacy practices.