Track 3: Revolutionising health care with AI

A healthcare revolution is under way, driven by AI and machine learning, aiming to co-create superior healthcare ecosystems in which pharmacists play a pivotal role. At the core of this revolution are diagnostic algorithms empowered by data from electronic health records, patient histories and medical research, revolutionising disease detection at their earliest stages.

Predictive analytics take centre stage, offering personalised guidance based on genetic makeup, lifestyle and medical history. This proactive healthcare approach empowers individuals to take control of their well-being.

AI accelerates drug development and facilitates precision medicine — drug regimens tailored according to people’s genetic profiles, enhancing effectiveness while minimising side effects.

AI-powered diagnostics expand to pharmacies, beyond hospitals. Patients interact with AI kiosks for quick, accurate health assessments, with pharmacists offering expertise and support.

Health informatics bring coherence to vast amounts of medical data through clinical data mining, leading to breakthroughs in treatment optimisation and precise patient risk stratification.

AI-enabled telemedicine and telepharmacy have bridged healthcare gaps between urban and rural areas, allowing remote consultations with AI-assisted diagnoses and medication management. Seamless health data interoperability ensures shared patient records among providers, reducing test duplication and ensuring continuous care.

AI-driven research accelerates medical discovery by decoding diseases at the molecular level. Ethical AI, guided by strict regulations, respects patient privacy and autonomy.

The co-created healthcare ecosystem emphasises pharmacists’ roles in leveraging AI, enhancing expertise and improving patient outcomes. This collaboration represents a synergy between human innovation, AI and healthcare professionals, ushering in a new era of medicine.